Children’s book illustrations/design

Written by Stuart Neath.

Olive is a puppy, born as one of a litter, but born with a condition that leaves her permanently disabled.  This is the story of how she discovers that she is ‘different’ from her brothers and sisters and how she learns to cope with what this means for her.  Because she is clever, Olive learns from watching the humans around her and uses this knowledge to shape her life and to deal with how others treat her.

This is a book for children to help them understand that physical disability does not mean mental disability, and the importance of treating disabled people with respect and as equals.

Customer Comments:

“When I first wrote ‘Olive’ I was not clear in my head how it would look as a finished book.  When I had written the first draft I then shared it with a number of friends with children, to get their feedback.

Yes, based on the feedback, I made some changes to the story but, most importantly, they all wanted to see it brought to life in pictures.  I searched the internet and came across Sarah’s website and it immediately struck me that I needed her to do the illustrations for the book.  I was right.  Sarah read the book and came up with some excellent ideas for images to help tell the story.

After the initial sketches we needed to make some changes and, again, Sarah was very flexible and open to the changes I wanted to make.  I think that the finished pictures are superb and have exceeded my expectations.

Thanks to Sarah’s work I now feel that ‘Olive’ has really come to life.”

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