flower illustrations

Written by John Wright

My inspiration for the book was born out of a fascination for the natural world and its infinite variety. I was particularly fascinated by the strange, somewhat magical and wonderful names given to many of the wild plants and animals which are supported in a range of different ecosystems. So much so that I determined to make use of some of these in a fable written in rhyme for children. I wanted to try and project a range of messages to children about the values of kindness, determination and dedication in the face of adversity. Since I worked with very disaffected and troubled children in care, I decided to read the fable to them in order to assess their reactions (not without a degree of trepidation!). To my surprise, they listened and accepted the story with enthusiasm and often asked me to read it again and again. I was encouraged to try and get the story published and illustrated. This I accomplished, and the text was wonderfully supported by a range of beautiful and very accurate illustrations produced by Sarah-Leigh Wills of Happydesigner, whom I worked closely with, resulting in a finished book of which I can feel justifiably proud, and the guidance and encouragement I received throughout the process was second to none. 

This story, written in rhyme, revolves around a wicked magician who has cast a cruel spell upon a beautiful princess, and her faithful hawk, who is left to search for a way to break it. As the story unfolds, the hawk befriends The Weaver Of Dreams, and you can follow them in their quest to find out if they manage to save the princess.

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