Children’s Book illustration/character design

Written by Anna Jaques.

This charming story, accompanied by delightful illustrations, is based upon a real story.

Radish is a young hare caught up in a tough situation. His parents argue a lot, and sometimes forget that he is only a baby hare and needs feeding. Radish is sad, and one day Sparrow visits the burrow he shares with his parents. Sparrow is concerned that Radish’s parents are struggling to look after Radish, and gets advice from her wise friend Barney. Together, Sparrow and Barney help to get Radish settled in a forever home.

The roles and narrative in this book are intended to help children understand and make sense of their own life story in situations which involve being taken into care and then placed for adoption. The author was inspired by her own son’s adoption story, and she wanted to have a story that dealt with some of the huge issues that can arise in adoption and foster scenarios. As she couldn’t find one, she decided to write one.

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