Written by Paul Micklewright

Introducing Roopert Snoopert from Noseyrudesville. The first in a series of Roopert Snoopert’s mischievous adventures.

“I’m Roopert Snoopert from Noseyrudesville,
and I live on the top of a hill, next to a BIG windmill.”

Roopert Snoopert is a funny-looking rabbit with a rather long nose, with long, skinny legs and big fat toes. He has bright yellow hair and sticky-out ears, and his funny mischievous adventures will bring you to tears.

After eating one of his funny breakfasts, Roopert scurries out for a trip to Noseyrudesville Zoo for a day of fun and mischief, although what is fun for him isn’t necessarily fun for the other animals!

 Who will be laughing loudest at the end of the day?

Do you think there is a part of Roopert Snoopert in all of us?

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