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Written by Julia Geens

“Sadie the spider loves to explore, spinning her web high up from the floor.”

Sadie is your average little spider, just trying to find somewhere to live. Unfortunately, wherever Sadie goes, people are scared of her! She tries all kinds of places, from a window frame to a cosy back door, and each time someone finds her and poor Sadie is scared off. Sadie is terrified of the screaming and runs off to find shelter somewhere else, but can’t find anywhere. Will Sadie find somewhere to live that doesn’t scare her?

children's book illustration

Sadie the Spider is a lovely story of acceptance and of not being afraid. The old saying of, “they’re smaller than you, they’re more scared of you than you are of them!” which parents have uttered throughout the years, holds true when little Sadie is just trying to find somewhere to live. Sadie the Spider will make your child think again about being scared of spiders, and perhaps even start questioning how they can make spiders and wildlife feel welcome in your home and garden. Have a look at our wildlife blog for more inspiration.

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