award winning children book

Written by Sarah-Leigh Wills

award winning children book

Join Sally, a beautiful copper beach tree, as she witnesses the rapidly changing world whilst growing from a vulnerable little sapling into a magnificent tree.

Through her eyes, travel through the decades with a unique perspective of some of the major events from the last millennium.

Book Excellence Award FinalistCategory: Picture Book – All Ages

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award winning children book

Winner of The Golden Wizard Book Prize

“I was completely awestruck by the brilliance of this book, it is a true work of art!

The author’s natural ability shines brightly as they skillfully pen beautifully written verses that flow harmoniously and effortlessly throughout the narrative. As a result, reading this book is not only an enjoyable, mesmeric experience but also incredibly soothing, evoking a sense of tranquility akin to being immersed in nature, much like the book’s setting.

What distinguishes “Sally Sapling” is its extraordinary premise. The innovative idea of examining significant historical periods from the perspective of a growing tree is remarkable. By weaving together a compelling, enlightening storyline with momentous past events, notable figures, and life lessons, children can expand their knowledge while also understanding the importance of resilience and the transitory nature of hardships.

Without a doubt, I am a strong advocate for every child having “Sally Sapling” in their library. It will undoubtedly plant seeds of curiosity and wonder, nurturing a true admiration for trees, the magical realm of nature, and a desire to delve into the past!”

– Louise Jane, CEO The Golden Wizard Book Prize

“A beautifully written and illustrated, thought-provoking story! It makes you appreciate and respect all of our trees even more!”

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