Book design/Children’s book illustration

Written by Helen Dee

“For the little boy who lost his cuddly toy and the sister who helped him try to find it.”

Seal is very excited, he’s going on an adventure with his family! Ricky and Seal were going on their first ever big adventure, starting with their first ever plane flight! The family have a wonderful holiday, and Seal and Ricky enjoy all kinds of exciting days out. One day, Ricky is running late to catch the bus that would take them on their next day out and Seal is forgotten in the rush. That afternoon, when Ricky and his family get back to the hotel, Seal has gone! Will Seal ever come home to his family?

Any family that has a cherished cuddly toy will appreciate the panic that Ricky and his family feel when they realise Seal has gone. This story of friendship and the importance of family, resulting in a little boy’s faith being rewarded, will warm every child’s heart and probably make a few parents a bit teary-eyed too!

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