Children’s book illustration/character design

Written by Reina Bonici-Mompalao-Lee.

Published by Honeypot Hill Publishing.

A sprinkling of fairy magic. A dusting of shimmering snowflakes. Meet Skyla, a little girl whose dream comes true thanks to the Snowflake Fairy. 

A beautiful insight into Skyla’s first exhilarating, snowy encounter and proof that if you believe enough, your dreams really can sparkle.

Skyla is a little girl who wishes for snow! When it appears she and her friends make the most of it, building snowmen and tobogganing down the hill. After wishing so hard for the snow the Snow Fairy really delivers for Skyla! The author, Reina, has added a reading checklist at the end of the story for eagle-eyed readers with good memories to go back over the story details, and a chance for young readers to “re-tell” the story using key images from the book.

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