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Children’s book written by Christine Meyers

One day adventurous soul Tao goes on a walk with his pet owl, Wee Woo. A few wrong turns and they are lost! But who will they meet to guide them home?

Tao is a young boy who follows his heart and feet to find new adventures. He always takes his trusty friend and pet, Wee Woo on his travels. One day they walk a little further than usual and find that they are lost! But, in trying to get home, Tao and Wee Woo come across talking trees, magical stone mermaids and magical skies! Come along on Tao’s adventures and discover the magic of nature and the great outdoors.

Tao’s Way is perfect for children over 7, who love reading stories about nature and adventuring. With a very narrative style and lovely images, Tao’s Way will delight all little explorers.

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