Written by Nadine Dulake

The Bogey Fiend’ is a gloriously gooey, gungy, sticky story about Ned, a young boy who has an uncontrollable habit of picking his nose.

Being both a mum and a teacher, Naidne has seen her fair share of both adorable and downright disgusting childhood (and, let’s be honest, adult) habits and actions. 

These often hilarious experiences, alongside her own children’s requests for made-up stories about themselves, plus time due to lockdown, have led her to delve headfirst into the magical world of story-telling.

She hopes ‘The Bogey Fiend’ will bring equal amounts of laughter and cringing to children and the adults that read the story to them.

The plot centres around the results of Ned’s incessant need to rake at his hooter…!

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