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The Busy Body Series is written by Heather Hawley, These books offer children a fun and quirky way of learning all about the body and how it functions. This book series includes fun characters like the gas family, Brucey Blood & Bertie Bread. Characters that will help encourage the children to read on through the stories!

So far we have 2 titles complete and we are working on our third! – I have to say that the Busy Body Series has been one of the most challenging book series I have ever had the joy of working on! Its both factual and also fun!!! Making learning all about the body interesting for the kiddies reading it!

The titles so far:

Busy body seriesBertie Bread and Rosie – Digestion.

ISBN 978-0-9931014-0-3

Bertie Breads adventures through Rosie’s body are used to explain the process of food from the mouth to the toilet. He meets up with Brucey Blood who explains how bread is used to keep Rosie strong and healthy. The Gas Family and bacteria are used to help illustrate why at times you feel ‘windy’ during digestion!

busy body seriesSusie Sugar and Tom – Type 1 diabetes.

ISBN 978-0-9931014-1-0

Susie Sugars adventures through Tom’s body are used to explain the process of food being turned into glucose (then Susie Glucose!) and how the glucose is used for energy. She meets up with Brucey Blood who explains how insulin is needed to unlock the cells for Susie before she can be used by Tom for energy. Then they find that pancreas cannot produce any insulin and as a result Tom becomes ill. The story continues with Tom going to the surgery then the hospital for diagnosis and treatment of Type 1 Diabetes and finally back home.

busy body seriesJosie Juice and Matthew – Kidneys and renal system.

ISBN 978-0-9931014-2-7

The adventures of Josie Juice through Matthew’s body are used to explain what happens to the fluid in our bodies. She meets up with Brucey Blood who explains how the water she is made of is important to Matthew. The journey starts as a glass of juice, which travels from the small intestine, through the renal artery to the kidneys, eventually being passed as urine. It even explains why Matthew ended up with a wet patch in his pants when he wanted to stay with his friends rather than go to the toilet!

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