Written by Paul Simms

In a town far away, but not long ago, was a small igloo house, and a family of snow.

Meet the Family Snow! Mummy, Daddy and their daughter, Leela. They live in a lovely ice town, all covered in snow, and they use branches and leaves to make funky hairstyles! All is great, until it’s time for bed. You see, Mummy Snow snores! Being a clever little snow-girl, Leela deduces that her Mummy’s carrot nose is the problem. So, they try all of the vegetables they can to reduce the nighttime noise. Will turning Mummy Snow’s nose into an aubergine really work to stop the SNOOOOORE?

The Family Snow is a funny and charming tale of a snow family desperate for some sleep! This colourful book would be great for a child aged 2/3+, and is a fab wintry addition to your bookshelf, that can be read at any time of the year!

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