Children’s book illustration/character design

Written by Tanya Page.

Victoria is a little grey mouse with a long tail and sparkling mischievous black eyes. She likes going on adventures, often getting into a spot of bother along the way. Her visit to Buckingham Palace today is no exception…

childrens book illustrator childrens book illustrator childrens book illustrator

Victoria Mouse loves nothing more than going on an adventure, and quite often she helps others along the way! Whether it’s changing the time in London by visiting Big Ben, helping cats to find homes or finding a way to make sure a guard horse can meet the Queen, Victoria manages to make someone’s day and always has fun along the way! Of course, once she has had her day out she’s always ready for a cup of tea and a big bit of cheese.

Follow Victoria Mouse as she adventures all over London, getting under feet and into scrapes! Because she’s so small she can fit into all kinds of unexpected places, and can see London in a way that us humans aren’t able to. Your kids will love these exciting stories, colourful illustrations full of detail, and the charming and smart Victoria, who is as kind as she is fun!

Tanya writes children’s books & is the author of the ‘Victoria Mouse’ and ‘Chilli & Pickles’ stories. The Globe theatre has already sold out of “Victoria Mouse visits Shakespeare’s Globe” and has ordered another set to sell in their shop!

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childrens book illustrator childrens book illustrator childrens book illustrator

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