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Written by Joanne Timperley

Mrs. Greenfingers was puzzled; who, or what, kept eating her sunflower seeds when she wasn’t looking? Join Mrs. Greenfingers and the wildlife residents of her garden to find out! Was it the cheeky robin, or the big blackbird? Maybe it was her friend the squirrel, or the hedgehog who visited her garden each night? Or perhaps it was something else? Mrs. Greenfingers sets out to solve the mystery – and to protect her last seed!

Through Mrs Greenfinger’s love and attention, that last seed grows bigger, and bigger, until it becomes the tallest sunflower anyone has ever seen. It was a real giant! Everyone was amazed.

Will Mrs. Greenfingers find out who is eating her seeds? Whatever she discovers, she does notice that her giant sunflower produces enough seeds to feed all the garden animals and birds, and many more for all her friends to grow their own beautiful sunflowers.

Each book comes with its own packet of seeds for you and your family and friends to grow your own giant sunflowers. Can you grow one as big as Mrs. Greenfinger’s?

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