Animals in children’s books: which are your favourite?

Did you know that April in the UK was National Pet Month? We’re said to be a nation of animal lovers, and the team here at Happydesigner certainly concur with that. We even have Erik the cat featured on our website (our Head of Quality Control and bringer of chaos!).

Drawing animals, though, requires great skill and our superstar children’s book illustrator Sarah-Leigh has this in spades. She’s drawn everything from cats to cockatoos, spiders to snakes, and bats to badgers.

Animals frequently star in children’s stories – think Charlotte’s Web, War Horse, Paddington, and the entire collection of Beatrix Potter – as they are a wonderful medium for telling a tale and engaging the minds of young readers. 

We love books with animals; we love reading them and we love illustrating them. Which are your favourites from childhood? Which would you pass down to younger readers?

And if you’re planning to write a book of your own, have you ‘spied-er’ story idea? Will your idea ‘fly’? Or do you need to ‘add-er’ dimension with some wonderful illustrations?

We hope this short blog has given you ‘paws’ for thought! Get in touch to find out more.

Written by Jo Smyth (

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