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Marketing Magic for Children’s Books: Strategies and Tips

In the enchanting world of children’s literature, the journey from a spark of imagination to a book that captivates the hearts of young readers is both magical and complex. At Happydesigner, we’re passionate about turning your creative visions into beautifully illustrated realities. For nearly two decades, we’ve been the go-to studio for authors and dreamers…

The Importance of Professional Design in Children’s Books

If you’ve ever lost yourself in the vibrant pages of a children’s book, you know there’s something truly magical about them. These aren’t just stories; they’re gateways to worlds of imagination, learning, and fun. Here at Happydesigner, we’re not just about creating books; we’re about crafting experiences that stay with little readers (and their grown-ups!)…

Writing a children’s book? Five mistakes to avoid

We love children’s literature at Happydesigner, and as children’s book illustrators and authors, we’re committed to getting more publications out there to engage and inspire young readers. However, anyone who thinks writing a children’s book is easy just because the audience members are young should think again. It may not be the same as writing…

Hats off for Roald Dahl Story Day!

There are lots of things happening in September – it’s the start of autumn, children go back to school, and there is an equinox. But, for the busy team here at Happydesigner, there’s something even more exciting taking place: Roald Dahl Story Day! Organised by Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, the idea is that school pupils…

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