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Illustrative Imagination: Crafting Unique Book Illustrations

Illustrations are the magical threads that weave together the child’s imagination. They breathe life into the pages of a book, transforming words into vibrant, captivating worlds. At Happydesigner, we understand the profound impact that illustrations have on young readers. As a quirky little design studio with over two decades of experience, we have had the…

Enchanting Tales: The World of Children’s Picture Books

Picture books are the magical doorways that introduce young children to the wondrous world of storytelling. These beautifully crafted books, filled with captivating illustrations and simple yet engaging narratives, have the power to enchant, educate, and inspire young minds. At Happydesigner, we have had the privilege of being a part of this enchanting world, creating…

Brand Identity: The Power of Custom Logo and Branding for Children’s Books

In the enchanting world of children’s books, a strong brand identity is essential for captivating young readers and establishing a lasting presence in the market. A well-designed logo and cohesive branding strategy can make all the difference in attracting the attention of children, parents, and publishers alike. At Happydesigner, we understand the power of custom…

Happydesigner Piggy Post: News & Features from November 2023

STOP PRESS: HAPPYDESIGNER HAVE MOVED! As announced in our September blog, we are pleased (and VERY relieved) to announce that we are now settled into our new home, and the studio is back to full operation. The move proved to be far more problematic than we ever anticipated, but, in hindsight, we should have expected…

Happydesigner Piggy Post: News & features of July 2023

Welcome to the first edition of the Happydesigner Piggy Post! It’s been a pretty hectic year so far at Happydesigner HQ, and July has been no exception; with lots of beautifully illustrated children’s books having been completed, new ones beginning, old doors closing, and exciting new ones opening wide, it has most certainly been a…

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