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Happydesigner Piggy Post: News & Features from November 2023

STOP PRESS: HAPPYDESIGNER HAVE MOVED! As announced in our September blog, we are pleased (and VERY relieved) to announce that we are now settled into our new home, and the studio is back to full operation. The move proved to be far more problematic than we ever anticipated, but, in hindsight, we should have expected…

Happydesigner Piggy Post: News & features of July 2023

Welcome to the first edition of the Happydesigner Piggy Post! It’s been a pretty hectic year so far at Happydesigner HQ, and July has been no exception; with lots of beautifully illustrated children’s books having been completed, new ones beginning, old doors closing, and exciting new ones opening wide, it has most certainly been a…

Seasons of mist, mellow fruitfulness – and football? Why we love autumn

Unless you’ve really not been paying attention to the news, the World Cup kicks off this month. For football fans everywhere, this four-yearly event is the pinnacle of the soccer calendar, although this time, the choice of Qatar as the host nation is controversial. Don’t worry, this blog isn’t about the World Cup, but it…

C is for Collaboration: Introducing two amazing partners

Autumn may already be here, with the end of the year in sight, but there’s no stopping the team here at Happydesigner. Because we are on a roll – and we have some VERY exciting news to announce. For a long time now, our superstar illustrator Sarah-Leigh has wanted to find the perfect project to…

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