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Illustrative Imagination: Crafting Unique Book Illustrations

Illustrations are the magical threads that weave together the child’s imagination. They breathe life into the pages of a book, transforming words into vibrant, captivating worlds. At Happydesigner, we understand the profound impact that illustrations have on young readers. As a quirky little design studio with over two decades of experience, we have had the…

Marketing Magic for Children’s Books: Strategies and Tips

In the enchanting world of children’s literature, the journey from a spark of imagination to a book that captivates the hearts of young readers is both magical and complex. At Happydesigner, we’re passionate about turning your creative visions into beautifully illustrated realities. For nearly two decades, we’ve been the go-to studio for authors and dreamers…

The Importance of Professional Design in Children’s Books

If you’ve ever lost yourself in the vibrant pages of a children’s book, you know there’s something truly magical about them. These aren’t just stories; they’re gateways to worlds of imagination, learning, and fun. Here at Happydesigner, we’re not just about creating books; we’re about crafting experiences that stay with little readers (and their grown-ups!)…

Happydesigner Piggy Post: News & Features from November 2023

STOP PRESS: HAPPYDESIGNER HAVE MOVED! As announced in our September blog, we are pleased (and VERY relieved) to announce that we are now settled into our new home, and the studio is back to full operation. The move proved to be far more problematic than we ever anticipated, but, in hindsight, we should have expected…

Autumn is here with a bang – and we love it!

Oh boy, do we love autumn – and here it is, in all its colourful glory. This year, more than ever, there seems to be a rich abundance of autumn colours and autumn produce. Wherever we walk, we are bombarded by conkers, acorns, and spectacular hues on the trees. We’re always looking for inspiration for…

Words without images – like bangers without mash?

We all have children’s book illustrators who we particularly admire. Some may be childhood classics, or we may be drawn (pardon the pun) to illustrators of more modern children’s literature. Many are both author and illustrator, and there’s no finer example than Beatrix Potter, whose series of stories based on animals are so loved by…

Happydesigner and the Chelsea Flower Show

We are proud as punch to announce some very exciting news, here at Happydesigner. We have branched out (pardon the pun) and been commissioned to illustrate the design for a garden that will be on show at no less than the Chelsea Flower Show. Garden designer Jamie Butterworth, who runs Form Plants in Windsor, is creating a garden…

Seasons of mist… autumn is on its way

It was just over 200 years ago, in 1820, that John Keats published possibly his most famous poem of all, Ode to Autumn. With the opening line ‘Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness’, and then referencing everything from apples, to bees, to swallows, to hazels, it’s a beautiful poem, all about this bountiful season. Poignantly,…

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