Basset hound illustrations


I admit it!!!! I am a little obsessed, (as my partner says) with my Basset hound! I am Basset hound mad at times. From a very young age i always wanted a dark tri-coloured male basset hound!!! 🙂 I have always had a thing for hunting dogs. I love their personalities! They have the most incredible noses and are very aware to whats going on around…. well…. some of the breeds anyway, the basset doesn’t seem to care much about whats going on around, well mine doesn’t !! He spends 20hours of the day asleep! So….I have started to create some new illustrations of my handsome boy, which I have huge plans for….

My techniques include: Ink & watercolour.

I have painted a selection of, what I call, basset related illustrations, Basset owners all around the world will be able to relate to these. From the famous ‘flat basset’, to the ‘broken-legged basset’! – they are all popular and I hope you all enjoy these!

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