Children Books Are the Foundation for Quality Learning and Education

Top-5-Most-Loved-Children-BooksChildren are consistently learning, starting at birth. Their daily experiences help to construct a foundation for their mental development and enhancement for many years to come. Reading children’s books provides the greatest opportunity for little ones to excel in education from childhood to young adults.

The introduction of children’s books at early stages in life help to better prepare children for success in learning, and in life. Each day, children, as young as babies are exposed to unfamiliar sounds, colors, words, objects and shapes. Young ones need a consistent relationship with caregivers to assist them with learning and growth in education. It is extremely possible to nurture and develop young minds through reading of children’s books in an effort to prepare them to enter school and become successful in life.

The Importance of Reading to Children

Research indicates that children who have not been consistently exposed to books and developed the basic literacy skills by the time they enter school are more likely to drop out than those who have had the exposure. Children become excited when they read or are read to by others, as this is a vital tool utilized to connect with them and teach them words and language skills. Books that display images and age-appropriate words grabs the attention of little eyes. Many adults find that adding sound effects and funny voices also make reading more enjoyable for children and they form the habit and actually look forward to reading time. Reading to children starting at a young age exposes them to ideas, creative thinking and words prior to entering school.

The Early Years

Infants – Babies start learning as soon as they are born. Newborns and babies learn new sounds and become acquainted with new visuals each day. These little ones are really cued in on hearing the voice of their parents and others who are around them often. Reading to babies often comforts them and they become accustomed to the sounds and flow of words and begin to thrive for it more often.

Toddlers- Toddlers are like sponges and absorb everything they hear and see. They develop social and emotional skills by talking and interacting with others. Reading children’s books is a great way to cultivate learning experiences in toddlers that will help them to grow in life.

Preschoolers – Children who have been exposed to books by this age are familiar with the sight of words, colors, shapes, animals and the list goes on. This is vital to their success in education as it encourages them to think, interact, talk and engage with others in fun activities that require them to process thoughts.

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The Story Line

Children’s books play an important role in the growth and development of children. The books they read present the opportunity for characters to come to life and children imagine them s little friends that live between the pages. It is important to read to children often and expose them to a variety of books to them realize that books are a primary source of vital information and having quality reading skills is a great way to become successful in the future. Children who are exposed to stories and books at a young age often experience elevated levels of confidence, ease in coping with a variety of feelings, extensive language and learning skills.

Books that Children Lovegripper-slipper-thumb

The world of reading is filled with never ending adventure and books that tell the stories perfectly. There are many categories and levels of books that stimulate learning and a wide range of authors that spend endless days creating stories, fact and fiction that keep the creative juices flowing in the minds of the young. The opportunity to read a great book should always be a welcomed one and as parents, it is vital to introduce children to various authors and their great works in an effort to stimulate the minds of the little ones and watch them grow into intelligent and knowledge absorbing adults.

Here are a few great authors that produce wonderful books for children to grow up with and enjoy reading as they get older.

Allan Ahlberg is an author that has written several stories that children love. His work varies to include picture books, easy readers, joke books and storybooks. Stories created by Ahlberg include Each Peach Pear Plum and The Baby’s Catalogue.

Jacqueline Wilson is an author who has created some of the best children’s books of all time. Her book Jacky Daydream is a great confidence booster for girls with low self-esteem or are extremely shy. It tells the true story of how a shy little schoolgirl evolved into an accomplished and well-known author.

Lynne Reid Banks is an author that has written several stories for children. Among some of the favorites of many are Alice by Accident and Polly and Jake. Children love Lynne’s collection of colorful images that accompany her stories to help bring them to life and encourage the imagination of little ones.childrens-books-2016-slw
The list of notable authors goes on and on as surely you have compiled a list of your favourites. However, it is most essential to understand that introducing the world of reading to children at a young age helps them to develop and grow successfully. It is exciting to watch the expressions and reactions of children as they read are listen to stories about life that encourage them to become their best in life.

Educational, fairytale, mystery and picture books are ideal for enhancing almost every skill a child will need in life. It is an enjoyable moment for parents to read to their children and for them to tune in with eagerness to learn and explore. The bonding potential is endless and it stimulates the minds of both the child and the parent when reading is introduced as a part of the daily routine. Books open the door to a world of adventure and knowledge and it is essential that children of all ages are exposed to them from the time they are in the womb in order to provide the best opportunities for them in life.

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