Children’s Book Illustration: “Who’s Got Dirty Feet?”

This september I have been working on a new children’s book called “Who’s Got Dirty Feet?” – written by Fiona Griffiths.

When Fiona presented me with the story I just knew it would be a delight to work on! This quirky story is about a little girl that finds muddy footprints on her bed when she get up one morning, and the quest to find the animal that left them there!

Fiona wanted someone to create the book from start to finish, but on a sensible budget, so we started off by developing the storyboards and the project very quickly took off from there! The character profile was of a little farm girl in wellies with a teddy… something that I can relate to! Once we formed the character as Fiona had envisaged her, I made a start on the illustrations for the  finished book.

As you can see from the drawings, I went for an etchy, almost Quentin Blake, inky style, but with my own unique spin!

The book quickly took shape and with nice vibrant colours and cute characters, and so “Who’s Got Dirty Feet” was born!

Character Design:

Children's Illustration


Children's Book Illustration
The Book is in the process of being printed, so I will post up some images of the final piece as soon as I get my copy!

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