Happydesigner Piggy Post: News & features of July 2023

Welcome to the first edition of the Happydesigner Piggy Post!

It’s been a pretty hectic year so far at Happydesigner HQ, and July has been no exception; with lots of beautifully illustrated children’s books having been completed, new ones beginning, old doors closing, and exciting new ones opening wide, it has most certainly been a month to remember!

Some of the developments and plans we’ve made for the future include a new monthly blog detailing some of the more notable events from the previous month, with info about the projects we have completed and the ones about to begin, and perhaps an update or two on the ones in progress, just so that you are all kept up to date with the ever-changing world here! We will also soon begin a ‘Book Of The Month’ feature, giving you more information about the fabulous books we create and the wonderful authors we work with, although, with the number of titles we produce here, this is very likely to quickly become more like a ‘Book Of The Week’ feature!

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So, getting the ball rolling, here are details of just some fantastic things that have happened over the last few weeks…

Signing Friends

What better way to start than by letting you all know about this super series we have the privilege of working on jointly with our friends at Singing Hands! It is an ongoing, ever-developing series of books with accompanying videos using Makaton signing to help families and friends learn to communicate effectively with children and other people with special educational needs. Initially developed over an intense two-year period between ourselves and the lovely people at Singing Hands, we were exceptionally proud and excited to release the very first books in the series at the end of June – a whopping THIRTEEN of them in total – and there will be regular new releases over the coming months and years. Check out the website for more information : Signing Friends Series

signing friends creators

Completed Commissions

Here is a list of the books that we have finished over recent weeks:

Alfred and Friends – Trouble In The Big Top. Author : Louise Dickens

Nova and Luna’s Space Voyage. Author : Ash Menon

The Lullaby Fairy.  Author : Maria Hennings Hunt

The Garden Scouts – Buzzing With Love. Author : Rachael Hartzell

Even More Quirky Creatures & Magical Moments.  Author : Jane Collins

This Life In Rhyme.  Author : Jill Horn

Buffy & Huffy’s Sunshiny Day.  Author : Catharine Webb

Also, a few months ago, we were commissioned to create the artwork for a new album called ‘Flow’ by an incredible duo called The Battered Bison, which we completed recently and enjoyed working on. Please take a little time to listen to this great album on your favourite streaming platform, or even better still, why not contact the guys direct and buy an actual real CD from them, complete with all of Sarah’s lovely artwork! Here’s the link : https://thebatteredbison.bandcamp.com/album/flow

album cover designer

Other News

This section is where we will update you about the goings on in and around the studio as well as news about our own projects, and, of course, it will occasionally feature the escapades of the Studio Pigs, as well as Erik and his mission to become a worldwide superstar!

So that’s it for now for our first little update blog. We’re excited about the many other fantastic things in the pipeline over the coming months, with several new books and thrilling collaborations to tell you all about, but more about that next month…!

Written by The Happydesigner Studiopigs (with Barry’s help)

Some of our previous clients

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