Here comes Summer: five things for Children to do!

We may have just passed the longest day, and the nights are about to start drawing in, but summer is upon us, and school will soon be breaking up. So, dig out the shorts and sunshades, grab a picnic and head off outside.


Here are five things to do in the summer that won’t break the piggybank!

  1. Read. Of course, you can do this any time, but reading outside, under a shady tree, is a truly relaxing pastime. You don’t need to buy books; just pop into your local library.
  2. Write. With paper and pen, you can write your own stories. Why not make yourself the hero and see what adventures you can get up to?
  3. Draw! There is a theme going on here… yes, books! If you write stories, then why not illustrate them too? That’s how our fantastic children’s book illustrator, Sarah-Leigh, got started.
  4. Picnic. Food tastes so much better when it’s eaten outdoors, doesn’t it?
  5. Visit local parks and beauty spots with friends or family. These are usually free and can be a great source of inspiration.
childrens book illustrator

We hope you have a super summer holiday. We’ll be packing our buckets and spades for a short break, too and will come back refreshed and ready to get on with all our children’s book illustrations. Now, where did we put our espadrilles?

Written by Jo Smyth (

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