How Children’s Book Illustrators Create Lively Effects

How Children’s Book Illustrators Create Lively Effects

childrens-book-illustrationDrawing & illustrating pictures for children’s story books is a great skill. Illustrators create deep effects to make the illustrations meaningful. Through using various media & techniques they are able to capture little minds and take them on an imaginative journey! Children’s illustrators are able to attract children through the use of their colors and drawings to make reading interesting.  The main target is to inspire the generations to come, building a liking to read and to venture into a land of imagination.

Some specific ideas  lead every illustrator to choose a different drawing style that is most fitting in his/her view. The diversity that comes up as the result of different ideas and approaches make the children’s books more interesting for little minds.


Deep Relation of Story and Illustration

You are drawn to pick any brightly illustrated children’s books and look at the pictures in it. The style choice of the illustrator creates certain effects about the story; they both become linked to one another in a way that when you remember the story, automatically you imagine the pictures seen.  On the other hand if you see any picture drawn in the same style somewhere else, you immediately remember the whole story illustrated in the same style. Have a look at the illustrations of “Winnie the Pooh” to get a clear idea of how a link between illustrations and stories is maintained:


Making Illustrations Expressive

Illustrators work hard to make the illustrations “speak”. They go deep in the idea of the story and use their skills to highlight the theme. It is not an easy job! It is the dedication and strong belief about painting and coloring in the heart of an illustrator that keeps them trying to touch perfection. Illustrations that can tell the story without read almost! Consider the illustrations of “Marigold”, you will find them highly communicative.


Being Skillful

Illustrating children books is a remarkable skill. It is difficult to meet the standards of a child (they can be the hardest critic of all) and come to the level of their understanding; likes and dislikes. Keeping their interest intact in reading, and maintaining their concentration is mostly through illustrations and here lies the dexterity of an illustrator as you can see in the book “Gripper Slipper”.


The Unique World of Children

Children stories are quite different from other literature as you find inanimate things like stones, trees, chairs, etc have human qualities. An illustrator has to be clever enough to imagine themselves in the place of inanimate objects and create lively effects in their illustrations, for example like in “Beauty and the Beast”.


Children’s illustrators with the passage of time have faced tough challenges while drawing and painting but with their determination to illustrate impressive pictures they have touched the sky of aptness in their illustrations. Generations since the dawn of the history owe to the artists and illustrators who bring literature to life for them when it is tough and boring for the young minds to read and just read without illustrations.


Now children from a very tender age to grownups can find countless books which are gaily illustrated and hard to resist. The contributors to the children’s books illustrations have not saved a single effort to make the books appealing to the children and adults equally intriguing.

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