Marigold: ‘The Organic Garden Witch’ – GOES TO PRINT!

Exciting day today

My Latest project Marigold ‘The Organic Garden Witch‘ written by the brilliant Tracy Wathen-Jones goes to the printers!!



Marigold and Clover are an organic gardening witch and wizard who live in amongst the roots of a big old oak tree on the sunny side of a kitchen garden. Bramble and Bindweed are the mischievous witch and wizard who live at the dark, damp bottom of the garden in a small cave made from stones. Bramble and Bindweed are the ones who try to undo all Marigold and Clovers’ hard work. In the cottage next to the garden live four children Emma, William, Ben and Edward. The children like to play and help out in the garden.

Marigold and Clover are mainly out and about in the garden during the daytime and so have to be very careful not to be seen by the children. On the other hand Bramble and Bindweed explore the garden at night time. Next door to the garden is an organic farm owned by Lizzie Sow.

Learn all about organic gardening and farming whilst following fairy-tale adventures amongst the vegetables!


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