New Book Series: Rembrandt & Kiki

Rembrandt & Kiki Move to The Netherlands is the first in a series of bilingual children’s books. Written by Marlies Veenhof and Jane Archer-Wilms, they are intended for use both in primary schools and at home. The books are available to order from

What the customer had to say:
“Thank you so much Sarah! What a fantastic set of illustrations for the first in our series of children’s books. You’ve been professional and creative throughout; what more can one ask? We are delighted with your original ideas and inspired design work; we can’t wait to work with you on the second book!”


Other titles include:

Rembrandt & Kiki Move to The Netherlands – Available to order online from June 2014

Along with Mummy and Daddy, Rembrandt and Kiki move house from England to The Netherlands. They help pack the lorry but get a little bit distracted! What do they find in the boxes?

Rembrandt & Kiki in the Museum – Available to order online from September 2014

Rembrandt and Kiki are on a school trip to the museum. There is so much to see and do, what could possibly go wrong?

Rembrandt & Kiki Visit the Farm – Available to order online from November 2014

Grandma and Granddad take Rembrandt and Kiki to the farm. They have a lovely day with all the animals but why does Rembrandt smell of cowpats?

All can be ordered here:


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