Put a sock in it for a fun awareness day

We love a whacky awareness day, and this month we’ve had a corker – Crazy Sock Day! A day when we’re encouraged to go out and about wearing odd socks. To be honest, at Happydesigner, we often wear odd socks, so for us, it wasn’t so much an ‘awareness day’ as ‘a normal day’!

There is a serious message behind Crazy Sock Day, however. People were wearing mismatched socks to raise awareness of Downs Syndrome – what a great idea.

If you missed Crazy Sock Day, don’t worry because the sock-fest isn’t over for the year. In December, we have National Sock Day, a day to celebrate the wonderful garment that is the sock. Did you know they were invented by the Romans, and the original socks had split toes – which would have made them very much easier to wear with sandals! Functional (they keep our feet warm) and a true fashion statement (tasteless or tasteful, socks say something about the wearer), socks are a fantastic garment.

And if you’re not a sock fan, you can hold out for National Barefoot Day on June 1. Chuck away your footwear for the day – just mind what you step on.

Enjoy your socks, and enjoy Sarah-Leigh’s socky illustrations – she loved drawing them! For more about children’s book illustrations, get in touch with the team at Happydesigner.

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