Why adults should read children’s books

Shh… we want to let you into a secret. At Happydesigner, we may all be adults but we LOVE reading children’s books!

And this isn’t because we are reading them to children. Nope – we are reading them because we enjoy them.

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We know we’re not alone. Even if many adults don’t like to admit it, lots of them read children’s books: the Harry Potter, Northern Lights, and Twilight series have all been devoured by eager adults who want to know what happens in the next instalment.

Should we be embarrassed about reading children’s books? Not at all! There are some real positives to be gained, and here are just a few:

  • Reading children’s books help us to bond with youngsters.
  • We feel nostalgic when we read books for a younger audience, transported back to our childhood days.
  • Stories offer a great escapism from our normal day to day lives, whatever age group they are aimed at.
  • Children’s books often have a moral or a lesson to learn, and to be reminded of these as adults is no bad thing.

So, do you read children’s books? And if so, which are your favourites and why? We’d love to know.

Written by Jo Smyth (www.wordworker.co.uk)

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