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Welcome to the Gillie Can Series

by Sarah-Leigh Wills

 It is the first book in a series which explores kindness and the warmth of positive interaction.

Sarah has spent many years drawing beautiful books for all kinds of authors, and has brought more stories to life than she can count! Through this experience she has gathered a wealth of experience, and has created a personality in her work that can only be “her”. So it’s with a huge amount of excitement that we can reveal the Gillie Can series, created, written and illustrated by Sarah!

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Gillie Can Share

Gillie is a young rabbit who loves to do things! In the first book, “Gillie Can Share” we meet Gillie, who loves to bake with her father. Daddy and Gillie make sure that Grandma, Grandpa and Mummy get some yummy cookies, but there are two left! Who do you think gets the last two?

“Gillie Can Share” is the start of a series of books that gently teach children the basics of being nice to others, of sharing, of thinking of how to interact with each other. Gillie doesn’t think about “can’t”, Gillie does! The books are a lovely way of teaching children to have confidence in what they do, and to try rather than be scared.



The first title in the series is GILLIE CAN SHARE. Gille is baking with her father. She shares the fresh baked cookies with her family and then, finally, with you – the reader!

childrens book illustratorThanks so much to Readers’ Favourite Reviews for our FIVE STAR review!

We’re absolutely thrilled!

“Gillie Can Share by Sarah-Leigh Wills is a cute and simple story about a young rabbit named Gillie, who is generous and kind and likes sharing things with people. Once upon a time, Gillie is baking cookies with her father. Once they are done, there are a big batch of cookies and she runs along to share two each with her grandma, grandpa, and her mother. After she has shared them with everyone, she finds that there are two left for her. Being the kind soul she is, she shares one with the reader. This is a very simple plot and story that is easy enough for very young children to read and understand or just be read aloud to.

“Overall, on all levels, I really liked this book”

I found Gillie Can Share by Sarah-Leigh Wills to be a cute and entertaining book. Since the language used is basic and simple, with minimal use of words, preschool children can definitely enjoy this and it is suitable for all young children of all ages. The story is fun and the illustrations throughout this book are colorful and vivid, and definitely eye-catching for young children. They add to the overall look and feel of the book itself. I also liked the fact that, whether consciously or unconsciously, this book breaks some stereotypes and shows Gillie’s dad baking cookies with her. I felt that this was a great step toward breaking gender stereotypes and it shows fathers doing activities with kids that were traditionally thought to be reserved for females only. So, overall, on all levels, I really liked this book and would certainly recommend it for young kids.”