“Gillie Can Share” Reviewed by Red City Review

“Gillie Can Share” Red City Review

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So pleased to receive this review from the Red City Review people for “Gillie Can Share“! Thanks guys, it means so much that you liked the book and took the time to tell other people. Read the review here.

Red City Review


“In Gillie Can Share by Sarah-Leigh Wills, an adorable gray rabbit sets out to deliver fresh-baked cookies to family members around the neighborhood. Grandpa gets two cookies, Grandma gets two cookies, and Mummy gets two cookies. But as the cookie stash begins to dwindle, curious readers will wonder: Does Gillie get any cookies? Luckily, this charming story ends with Gillie devouring just one cookie—and offering the last one to you, the reader!

Gillie Can Share is the first installment in the Gillie Can Series, which aims to showcase one important aspect of child development in each book. The next title to be released, Gillie Can Count, finds Gillie meeting up with Wise Old Owl Willie for a friendly math lesson. The design details in this book are absolutely eye-catching, with each of the animal characters sporting stitch-like threads around their exteriors. The images have a visually appealing depth to them as well, appearing almost like a scrapbook collage that a loved one has put together for their child. The text in Gillie Can Share is bold and easy-to-follow for young eyes, but we especially appreciate how the story focuses on Gillie positively demonstrating generosity, whereas so many other sharing stories for children choose to illustrate the concept by spending precious time talking about its counterpart: selfishness. Children have a great role model in Gillie, who, without admonishment from a single parental figure, decides to offer the very last cookie on the plate to a complete stranger. This is one series to watch!”

Gillie Can Series

You can buy your own copy of Gillie Can Share from this site (see link below) and find out for yourself what the judges enjoyed so much about the book. Sarah has been absolutely inundated with illustrating books for other people this year, all of the latest projects are on our gallery pages, as well as writing for Gillie, making videos for the books and generally getting it all up and running. So keep your eyes on the website, as there’s plenty more to come from Gillie yet!


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childrens-book-illustratorGillie Can Share

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-911167-02-0

Price: £6.99

Gillie is baking her favourite thing, cookies! Gillie loves to share, and she likes to share her cookies with her family and friends. Who will get one of Gillie’s cookies?


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