Birdham Bear Returns!

Those of you who have followed me for some time will know of Birdham Bear, the little character created by Lynne Healey. Birdham Bear has his own little world, which I have helped bring to life with my illustrations! Head over to the Birdham Bear shop to buy the current Birdham Bear books and see all of the fun little extras that Lynne has for sale.

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So why am I telling you all about little Birdham Bear? Well, we’ve been working on another book together! The Birdham Bear “Funtivity” book will be out soon!

“Every person and every living thing has their own unique energy. Birdham Bear calls his my ‘unique’. You too have your unique…it is your gift for you and the world”.

“This is Me: Your Book of You” is the latest activity book from Birdham Bear’s creator, Lynne. She says:

“Doing the ‘funtivities’ (the word Birdham Bear invented for fun activities) will get you thinking more about you. You will remember how much you have to share with the world…and you will celebrate you!”

This brand new “funtivity” book incorporates all kinds of amazing activities that children can interact with and also use to log their development. From writing stories with little sentence prompts to finding out your super power, Birdham will help your child to learn more about themselves whilst embracing all that is unique and fun about themselves. This book helps to boost confidence in the child as well as get their brains ticking. It’s a fab new style of interactive book, and one that kids will get a real kick from! Keep your eyes on this website and over at Birdham Bear’s Facebook page for updates on when and how you can buy this exceptional book. Birdham Bear makes learning fun again!

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