Happydesigner Piggy Post: News & Features from September 2023


Apologies for the slightly shorter blog this month, as much of our time is being spent on getting organised for our impending move to new premises. Happydesigner’s new home will soon be in a 17th Century Grade 2 listed building full of quirky-shaped rooms and lots of old, wonky wooden beams! It’s a fabulous place, full of character and warmth, which will provide Sarah with the perfect place to create her wonderful illustrations! More on this next month, when we should be up and running in our new space…

September Overview

The end of the summer saw the Happydesigner studio beginning to pick up the pace to complete a bunch of books in time for the Christmas market (yes, we mentioned the ‘C’ word in September!). At times, this felt a little strange, particularly in the middle of the month when the temperatures reached over thirty degrees in most parts of the UK! So, instead of donning a couple of extra layers to cope with the chilly, early autumn mornings, we ended up dragging the recently packed away shorts and T-shirts out of hibernation! Don’t get us wrong, we’re not complaining, but it’s quite funny when you’re illustrating snow scenes whilst sweltering in thirty-five-degree heat!

Some VERY exciting news…

We are thrilled to announce the publication of Sarah’s very own book – ‘Sally Sapling’! Written and illustrated by Sarah and published by Happydesigner, it is a beautiful book about a little copper beach sapling that was rescued and planted in a park area by a kind lady. It chronicles some of the events and experiences she encounters through the decades of her 100-year life as she blossoms into a stunning tree. Available now through all good online retailers, including Waterstones, The Great British Book Shop, and Amazon, and also directly from Sarah via her Etsy shop, which you can find here: ETSY SHOP

Collaborations News

The exciting collaboration projects we are working on are moving along nicely, and very soon, there will be news about the release of books for a couple of these, so watch this space!

Book of the Month

We had two possibilities this month and couldn’t decide which one to feature, so we will mention both!

‘Daddy Dino-ROAR!’ by Fay Howard.

daddy dino-roar cover

A lovely little story based on a classic game of chase where George (the Daddy) is the Dinosaur, and Gigi runs and hides. It’s a beautifully illustrated, lighthearted, loving and fun introduction to a little one’s bedtime routine, told in a soft and gentle way. 

‘A French Cat Named Monkey’ by Claire Elston.

childrens book designer

‘Monkey’ was a little kitten that Claire saved while on holiday in a caravan park in France. They instantly became best friends, and both of their lives changed forever. This heartwarming book chronicles some of their adventures together as they journeyed around France and then to Scotland before finally ending up in England.

Other News

With the move to new premises soon to take place, the Studio Pigs have had yet another upgrade to their Piggy Palace (we think that this must be version No.47…!) in order to fit comfortably into their new surroundings. Apart from the odd grumbling about being disturbed by the distant sound of drills and saws, they seem pretty happy with everything, so that’s a positive, and they even reported their approval in their latest WGM!

Erik, however, is perhaps a little less enthusiastic just now, as his thoughts are centred on having to get used to a new dining area, as well as research a new best place to sleep, although we’re sure he will soon warm to his fab new pad! Oh, and don’t worry, we’ll be certain to make sure his executive teepee is positioned in exactly the right spot for him to ensure the smooth running of the studio!

Well, that’s it for now, dear reader. Be sure to check back next month for (hopefully…) a longer blog containing lots more info about life here at Happydesigner HQ!

Written by The Happydesigner Studiopigs (with Barry’s help)

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