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Visiting Norman Gorman’s

Happydesigner at Norman Gorman’s Sarah went to visit our favourite Guinea Pig Sanctuary, Norman Gorman’s! Not very surprisingly she had a GREAT day. The lovely people at Norman Gorman’s put Sarah onto all kinds of tasks, and she spent the day cleaning out the cages, grooming all the residents, making sure everyone got a cuddle…

The Latest From Happydesigner

A Round-Up of Our Latest Releases! So it turns out that October and November are busy times in the world of publishing! With authors desperately trying to release their books in time for Christmas, the paint brushes have been flying here at the Happydesigner studios. But what have we been working on, I hear you cry? Allow…

Happy Hallowe’en!

Happy Hallowe’en From Happydesigner! There are few people who don’t like this time of year (according to the incredibly scientific research I’ve done amongst most of my family and friends). Yes and the clocks have gone back (extra hour in bed FTW!) the days are now shorter, but this is now the season of snuggly jumpers,…

“Go To Sleep!” Wins Moonbeam Award!

Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards 2017 Marion Adams and Sarah Leigh-Wills win Moonbeam Award for “Go To Sleep“ There’s really nothing quite like being considered for an award, and there’s certainly nothing like getting a prize! When you’re a writer, or an illustrator, or editor, or anything creative, sometimes it can feel like you’re working alone…

We Love Wildlife!

Bats, Slugs and Snails! There are many things we get asked to illustrate on a daily basis, and some things can really make us do big silly grins! A firm favourite of everyone is the day we get to draw bugs. Slugs, snails, butterflies, all manner of tiny insects and worms, buzzy bees; you name…

Strong and Mighty Max

Strong and Mighty Max Children’s book illustration/Educational illustration Written by Kristina Gray “Strong and Mighty Max” is just that, he’s a little boy who is strong and mighty! He also happens to have achondroplasia, which means his bones don’t grow in the same way lots of peoples’ bones do. Max’s creator, Kristina Gray, a mother of a child…

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