Exciting Changes at Happydesigner!

Get ready to choose your style!

If you’ve been a part of the Happydesigner family for a while you will know the process we use to create books, but just to remind you, have a look below!


However, we have a new link to the chain! So how do you get started?

People often get stuck with how to bring their books to life, and this is where I can help.

Frequently asked questions include: “What’s the process?”, “How do I go about getting my story made into a book?”, and “Can I just get two copies made?”

I can guide you through the whole process, starting with your story and going right through to getting the book printed. I can answer your questions along the way, and make sure that you are getting the book you want out of this journey. But first, you need to come to me with your book and ideas! But how do you choose what your story looks like? You want to stand out, and to do this each and every character in your book needs to be distinct and memorable. Whether it’s a loveable bunny rabbit or a devious fox, I really get into the heads of your characters to make their mannerisms, actions and emotions truly believable and interesting, which children love!

childrens character design

When we write stories, we all have a style in mind. So to get the best out of a journey and to create the book(s) as you have imagined, I offer a varied amount of styles. We all have different tastes, after all!


To see all my steps to creating your book, check out my “Illustrator” page. But the important one today is step two: Choose your style! This is the latest addition to my process, and one that is really exciting because it’s where you can really control what your book looks like. Whether you love the classic black and white style, or the fun watercolour designs, we can do that. Perhaps you love the coloured pencil look, or a fab modern, digital style? No problem, just let me know!

Once we have decided a style we can then refine the drawings to really make sure they are how you envisioned them, and I will help with any aspect if you would like advice. This process always results in a truly distinctive set of characters that children as well as adults will love! This is the part where I get out the paints and crayons; it’s an amazing part of the process as it completely transforms the drawings. You are part of the journey every step of the way, so don’t be afraid of making sure that before I even open my pencil box, you are happy with the design.

Don’t forget to look through my gallery as well, because you can find inspiration from other books and then point me towards the books you like the look of. If you have any questions just let me know, but

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