Go To Sleep!

Go To Sleep!

Children’s book illustrations/design

Written by Marion Adams.

Tansy the sheep can’t go to sleep. She’s forgotten how to do it! But when she follows the barn owl’s advice and starts counting sheep, she realises that there is something wrong …

“Go To Sleep” is a delightful bedtime story with a humorous twist that children will love!

Recently we were asked to provide a bio for the Children’s Book Review, who wanted to review one of Happy Designer’s books, “Go To Sleep”, written by Marion Adams. Of course, we were more than happy to provide this, as Marion’s book is absolutely delightful and was a real joy to work on! You can read the review from the Children’s Book Review here.

“This is an adorable bedtime book with soothing prose and dreamy illustrations”

The Children’s Book Review

The story is about Tansy the sheep, who has forgotten how to go to sleep. She tries every trick she can think of, including counting her flock! But nothing works, until she asks the Barn Owl for help, and then she realises something isn’t quite right…

children's book illustrator

This children’s story will resonate with any parent, as they will have no doubt heard “But I can’t sleep!” more times than they could count! Tansy will not only help your little ones off to the land of nod, but should give sleepy parents a way to engage their kids in their bedtime story so everyone is feeling relaxed and ready for bed once the story has finished.

Marion Adams, Author

Marion Adams, the author of “Go To Sleep”, worked for several years as an in-house copywriter with a publishing company, and now she helps other writers as a freelance editor and proofreader. Marion writes for both children and adults, but she particularly likes writing for children as she believes stories can spark young imaginations, communicating all kinds of exciting possibilities and encouraging conversation.

“Full of endearing little scenes and huggable sheep, this is a great book for any child’s bedtime.”

The Children’s Book Review

Getting children to sleep is never an easy task, and reading to children to help them to doze off is the perfect way to get kids to settle down. It’s also a great way to settle children en masse; get them all huddled together to read to them all, perhaps with a milky hot drink or a hot water bottle. If your kids share a room then perhaps they can snuggle into their own beds and talk about their favourite dreams or how they get to sleep, so, like Tansy, they have some favourite things they can think of before bed. Although it’s not the easiest thing to do, if you can get the little ones snuggled in to hear a bedtime story then hopefully you won’t need to stress about where everyone is and what everyone is up to as bedtime rolls around. With “Go To Sleep” you shouldn’t ever struggle again!

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“Sarah was lovely to work with and keen to make sure that the illustrations were a perfect children book reviewmatch for the story. It’s obvious that she really cares about her work and wants you, the author, to be happy with the final results. Go To Sleep! has already received many five-star reviews on Amazon, as well as five stars from Readers’ Favorite, with reviewers saying that it is ‘beautifully illustrated’. Also with a 92% rating on The Book Reviewers

Thank you, Sarah!”

Marion Adams – author of Go To Sleep!

Go To Sleep! is published by Full Media Ltd. It is available in paperback and as an ebook on Amazon. Click here for the UK site and here for the US site. You can also buy it from Barnes & Noble.

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