How to develop your own illustration style?

deskSo what are you wanting to be? a passionate painter, an inky illustrator,  a pro photographer or maybe a scribbler? It can be really difficult finding the right style that suites you.painting-wt

Eventually finding that one of a kind style to be known for! I know I’m not alone when I say that we can sometimes find ourselves gazing in amazement at the many other creative people in our field and think to ourselves “how am I going to get where they are”. “How can I be like that?” “How can I be DIFFERENT”….. there… the ‘DIFFERENT’ word…. something we all blooming artist aspire to be…. something new…. something recognisable….. something unique.

There may be an artist in particular who you find yourself admiring, both for their style and success. So your next head scratching question is “HOW!?” Only you yourself can get there, it can be a frustrating road…. but take my advice….. have patience…. thats the trick. You are already one of a kind and have your own creative imagination to share. Well to answer your question here’s a few points I came up with to think about that may just help you creatively along the way;character-rabbits

  • Know that your style is forever developing and changing along the way
  • Think of where you want your career/hobby to take you?
  • Your style will have characteristics, textures and a uniqueness of its own so don’t be to concern that it’s nothing like the next guy’s because originality is important
  • What do you want to be producing?
  • Discovering your own taste and stick to those tastes this can be anything from techniques to materials or the subject’s you draw, but don’t be afraid to explore beyond that ( don’t get scared to go out of your comfort zone).
  • What do you want people to see through your work?
  • Your style will reflect the kind of work you may want to be commission for, for example do you have a love for the human form, creating portraits of little characters or maybe alternatively you prefer to create sophisticated patterns with lots of colour.


Deep down your style is there you just need to create more to develop it…. then you will really start to see it and then you can enjoy and share it with others.

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