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A children’s book series which explores kindness and the warmth of positive interaction.

Sarah has spent many years drawing beautiful books for all kinds of authors, and has brought more stories to life than she can count! Through this experience she has gathered a wealth of experience, and has created a personality in her work that can only be “her”. So it’s with a huge amount of excitement that we can reveal the Gillie Can series, created, written and illustrated by Sarah!

childrens book illustrator

Gillie will be read to you by the amazing…

Toyah Willcox

We have the amazing opportunity of working with this lovely inspirational lady today… yep it’s the one and only Toyah it’s been such fun!!! So proud (and excited) to have her on board as the voice of the series. Keep a look out for some new Gillie Can news coming very soon!‬

Children's book author sarah-leigh wills with Toyah Willcox

Rewards & Awards…

momschoiceaward-happydesigner-gillie2018‘Gillie Can Share’ has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards®

Gillie Can Share is a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient

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children's illustrator“Gillie Can Share” has been awarded a Purple Dragonfly Book Award!

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“Gillie Can Share” is the start of a series of books that gently teach children the basics of being nice to others, sharing their things and being considerate of others. Gillie doesn’t think about “can’t”, Gillie does! The books are a lovely way of teaching children to have confidence in what they do. The rest of the series so far includes Gillie learning to count, learning to play, learning to make and learning to help. Join Gillie, and Sarah, as she learns to do all sorts of things!

gillie can seriesGillie Can Share is now a ‘Story Monsters Approved Book’
Kid-tested, Story Monsters Approved!
Picture Books (Ages 3-8)

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Book excellence award - gillieA ‘Book Excellence Award Winner’

Gillie Can Share // Picture Book – Pre school.
Picture Books (Ages 3-8)

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The first book in the series…

childrens-book-illustratorGillie Can Share

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-911167-02-0

Price: £6.99

Gillie is baking her favourite thing, cookies! Gillie loves to share, and she likes to share her cookies with her family and friends. Who will get one of Gillie’s cookies?

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Check out the reviews…

Readers’ Favourite… ★★★★★

“Gillie Can Share by Sarah-Leigh Wills is a cute and simple story about a young rabbit named Gillie, who is generous and kind and likes sharing things with people. Once upon a time, Gillie is baking cookies with her father. Once they are done, there are a big batch of cookies and she runs along to share two each with her grandma, grandpa, and her mother. After she has shared them with everyone, she finds that there are two left for her. Being the kind soul she is, she shares one with the reader. This is a very simple plot and story that is easy enough for very young children to read and understand or just be read aloud to.

gillie can share

 “Overall, on all levels, I really liked this book” 
I found Gillie Can Share by Sarah-Leigh Wills to be a cute and entertaining book. Since the language used is basic and simple, with minimal use of words, preschool children can definitely enjoy this and it is suitable for all young children of all ages. The story is fun and the illustrations throughout this book are colorful and vivid, and definitely eye-catching for young children. They add to the overall look and feel of the book itself. I also liked the fact that, whether consciously or unconsciously, this book breaks some stereotypes and shows Gillie’s dad baking cookies with her. I felt that this was a great step toward breaking gender stereotypes and it shows fathers doing activities with kids that were traditionally thought to be reserved for females only. So, overall, on all levels, I really liked this book and would certainly recommend it for young kids.” You can click HERE to read the rest of the review.

The Bookbag… ★★★★


“…there is so much to love about this book. I thought it was wonderful that Gillie was baking cookies with Daddy, rather than the more usual Mummy. There’s no gender stereotyping here. I grinned when the first of the cookes to be delivered went to the grandparents: they’re getting older, but they’re obviously still a valued part of the family. Then there’s the offer of the last cookie to the reader – I thought that was a lovely touch! There’s so much to discuss here about family relationships, the value of having a generous heart and being considerate to others. It’s gently educational about sharing, but it’s done very subtly and there isn’t even the slightest hint of any preaching.

children book gillie can share….Look at the exquisite stitching around the edges! You’d think it would be impossible to get a range of facial expressions, but Wills does it well. I loved Gillie’s face when she was smelling the cookie and longing to eat one. Wills is a master of texture too – I wanted to eat a cookie myself because they looked so real!

Most picture books for the toddler age group rely on simple pictures with as little as possible to distract from the main point but Wills has achieved a delicate balance. You’ll readily grasp the main point of the story from the pictures, but each time that you read through you’ll find something else that you didn’t spot before…” You can click HERE to read the rest of the review.

Aviva Gittle Publishing… ★★★★★

This book is perfect for 2-5 year olds. A simply written story about sharing, it’s also a counting exercise as Gillie the rabbit begins with eight cookies and, through sharing, ends up with one cookie. What she does with that last cookie is an adorable surprise. Highly recommend.

Red City Review… ★★★★★

“In Gillie Can Share by Sarah-Leigh Wills, an adorable gray rabbit sets out to deliver fresh-baked cookies to family members around the neighborhood. Grandpa gets two cookies, Grandma gets two cookies, and Mummy gets two cookies. But as the cookie stash begins to dwindle, curious readers will wonder: Does Gillie get any cookies? Luckily, this charming story ends with Gillie devouring just one cookie—and offering the last one to you, the reader!

Gillie Can Share is the first installment in the Gillie Can Series, which aims to showcase one important aspect of child development in each book. The next title to be released, Gillie Can Count, finds Gillie meeting up with Wise Old Owl Willie for a friendly math lesson. The design details in this book are absolutely eye-catching, with each of the animal characters sporting stitch-like threads around their exteriors. The images have a visually appealing depth to them as well, appearing almost like a scrapbook collage that a loved one has put together for their child. The text in Gillie Can Share is bold and easy-to-follow for young eyes, but we especially appreciate how the story focuses on Gillie positively demonstrating generosity, whereas so many other sharing stories for children choose to illustrate the concept by spending precious time talking about its counterpart: selfishness. Children have a great role model in Gillie, who, without admonishment from a single parental figure, decides to offer the very last cookie on the plate to a complete stranger. This is one series to watch!” You can click HERE to read the rest of the review.

Some of our other reviews…

Gillie Can Share★★★★★ Beautiful illustrations

My daughter adores this book! It’s beautifully illustrated, really original. And Gillie and the other rabbits are super cute. We will be buying the full set for sure. :)”

on – 7 March 2018

Gillie Can Share★★★★★ Just a wonderful Book

“Meet Gillie – the little rabbit with the big heart! With its vivid illustrations full of colourful detail, there’s lots to talk about when reading this adorable story with young children, stimulating their imaginations as they learn about sharing. A beautiful book that’s sure to become a family favourite!”

gillie can series★★★★★ Great book for youngsters

“My 4 year old absolutely loves this book. A nice interesting subject and easy for her to follow and understand. Very well illustrated too. A brilliant read at any time of day or at bedtime.

on – 11 March 2018

children's book illustrator★★★★★ Thank you so much for an awesome book!

“Yay it has finally arrived in Australia today. Harvey can not wait to read Gillie can share. Thank you so much for an awesome book.”

 – 22nd March 2018

children book illustrator★★★★★ Can’t wait to share more of Gillie’s adventures!

“I have just enjoyed reading Gillie Can Share with my grandson. Even though he is only 10 months old, he really loved studying the pictures and listening to the simple rhythm of the words. His favourite part was bouncing on my knee as Gillie hop, hop, hops to deliver her cookies! This is a delightful book with bright illustrations and a engaging story that children will love.”

 – 15th March 2018

childrens book illustrator

★★★★★ Highly Recommended!

“Bought the book for my grandaughter, always on mobile playing games, wanted her to stop that.
As you can see she loved the book, kept asking me to read it too her, will look out for more in the series.”

Roy Ferguson – 31 March 2018

★★★★★ A great way to teach kids to sharechildren's book illustrator

“My daughter of 2 years and 7 months loves me to read this book over and over again. It is very easy to follow with large font size and bright colourful illustrations. The story demonstrates good wholesome family values and teaches good morals. We look forward to discovering the next Gillie Series of books.”

 – 17th March 2018

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Other books in the series…

*All the below titles are in progress and publication dates will be confirmed soon.

childrens-book-illustratorGillie Can Count

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-911167-03-7  |  Price: £6.99  |  Available Late 2020

Gillie is learning to count, but she’s finding it hard. The numbers keep jumbling up! Luckily, Wise Old Ollie Owl can help, and together they learn to count. Can you count to ten with Ollie and Gillie?

childrens-book-illustratorGillie Can Help

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-911167-04-4  |  Price: £6.99  |  Available Late 2020

Gillie is helping her friend Barry Badger move house today. Theres lots to do, luckily, Gillie loves to help! She helps in all sorts of ways, lifting, tidying and packing. Have you moved house before?

childrens-book-illustratorGillie Can Play

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-911167-05-1  |  Price: £6.99  | Available Late 2020

Gillie and her best friend Frances are playing. They love playing, especially together. Join them as they paint, paddle and skateboard. Can you find them when they play hide and seek?

Gillie Can SeriesGillie Can Make

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-911167-06-8  |  Price: £6.99  | Available Late 2020

Gillie loves to make things! Gillie and her friends choose the best crayons and the most sparkly glitter to make some beautiful fun things. Can you help Gillie to make a really colourful painting?

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