New Books Added!

2020 is well on its way to being up and running, and with it we welcome a whole load of new books into our midst! Whether you love a farting Granny, elephants that can paint or brothers who behave like animals, we’ve got pretty much all of it covered!

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Tidy Mulgrew

Tidy Mulgrew is so tiny you probably don’t even know he’s there, but he’s the reason the streets are kept clean and the rubbish is tidied away. Along with his friends, the snails Tom and Dick, and Harry the flea, Tidy collects all the things people throw away and find uses for them. One day, the townspeople want to catch whoever it is that they see is keeping their streets clean, but Tidy has a message for them that they aren’t expecting!

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Eric The Elephant

One day Eric sees some humans making patterns with brushes and colourful liquid. He learns that the liquid is called paint, and Eric discovers that he has a flair for making beautiful pictures. But will his village and family understand his new talent?

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My Brother The Animal/My Wibbly, Wobbly Brother

If you have a baby brother then these stories will resonate with you! “My Brother Is An Animal” and “My Wibbly Wobbly Brother” are both delightful books with their own tales of naughty younger brothers! Although anyone with siblings will recognise the brothers’ naughty behaviour and loving nature. Great books for the 4+ age group.

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Granny Farty Pants

Granny loves vegetables! But vegetables can have something of a…windy effect. But Granny loves that, so much so that she is known as Granny Farty Pants! It’s very silly, very funny and very informative, and you’ll love Granny Farty Pants as much as your kids will. This book encourages children to eat their veg and, as Granny herself says, “Better out than in!”

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Good Night Baby

“Good Night Baby” is a gentle book designed to help your baby and toddler sleep through the night independently, and without the need for milk. This book, read to your child just before bedtime, is designed to allow a child to get used to the idea of sleeping all night, and to make sure they feel reassured before bedtime.

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The Family Snow

Meet the Family Snow! Mummy, Daddy and their daughter, Leela. They live in a lovely ice town, all covered in snow, and they use branches and leaves to make funky hairstyles! All is great, until it’s time for bed. You see, Mummy Snow snores! Being a clever little snow-girl, Leela deduces that her Mummy’s carrot nose is the problem. So, they try all of the vegetables they can to reduce the nighttime noise. Will turning Mummy Snow’s nose into an aubergine really work to stop the SNOOOOORE?

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Cora’s Cheeky Chickens

Welcome to the busy world of Cora Farm! Cora runs a farm that contains cheeky chickens, perky pigs, graceful goats and crafty cows. Each visit will take you around the farm, meeting the animals and learning their habits.

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Liam Saves the Day

Liam is always climbing on everything! He climbs on boxes, on stairs and on trees. He’s always told he shouldn’t climb as it’s dangerous and he could fall. One day, whilst getting ready for a big day out with his Daddy, the breeze blows the front door shut. His Daddy’s keys, phone and the tickets for their fun day out are still inside! Will Liam’s ability to scale any wall help them to get back into their house and make it out on time?

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Roopert Snoopert: A Day Out at Noseyrudesville Zoo

After eating one of his funny breakfasts, Roopert scurries out for a trip to Noseyrudesville Zoo for a day of fun and mischief, although what is fun for him isn’t necessarily fun for the other animals!

To see all of our books do check out the Gallery pages, and see if anything else takes your fancy whilst you’re there! Most of the books that are now available for sale do have links to the shops, but do contact us, or the author, if you’d like a copy but can’t see how to buy a book.

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