St Ives Memory Bay Book Launch!

I have had the great pleasure over the last 18 months to work with St Ives Memory Bay Archive & its partners The St Ives Trust; Tate St Ives; The LeachPottery; St Ives School of Painting; Porthmeor Studios; St Ives Archive and University College Falmouth. To create a book collating all the recordings/histories of the artists.

This project started off as a magazine… 30 pages long! But ended up a full 128 pages.

It has been a challenge and a learning curve both for myself and the writer Janet Axten, Its been amazing working with the partners and also the printers Francis Anthony.

The Archive first approached me with the idea of creating such a book. They had no concept of what they wanted it to look like, nor how they wanted it to be presented, So i was given complete design freedom to create a concept/theme, in which i decided as it was a collation of memories, that i would design it in such a way to capture this feeling, so that the reader feels they are part of the journey almost, So the design began!Once the ideas and concept was in place, the theme developing, I started to think about the print, what papers? what feel? I wanted the book to have an old feel, nothing glossy nor shiny So i contacted a few local printers, but Francis Anthony had the
perfect source i was after!I am extremely pleased with the result. Its got such an amazing texture, matt finish. you can feel the journey as you skim through which was exactly what i was after! 🙂

So… The it came to the launch! AMAZING feeling to be asked to sign something you have made! It was held at the Tate in St Ives on 2nd September 2011. On a delightful sunny eve too!

Heres the write up which was from The St Ives Times and Echo:

“THE St Ives Memory Bay project launched their compellation of oral history recordings in book form St Ives: Art Colony and the Community, at the Tate Cafe on Friday evening (Sept. 2). Over the past three yearsthe volunteers at the St Ives Archive Centre and the Memory Bay project have been interviewing people throughout St Ives to record their recollections of the town, especially with regard to the artists and artistic tradition of the town. Designed by Sarah-Leigh Wills of HappyDesigner and coordinated by John Pollar

Link to the newspaper ad can be accessed on the link below:d the 128 page book was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and in partnership with: The St Ives Trust; Tate St Ives; The Leach Pottery; St Ives School of Painting; Porthmeor Studios; St Ives Archive and University College Falmouth. Commenting on the book, John Pollard said: “I hope everyone will be as pleased with the book as we are. It is an excellent concept and has created a lasting and brilliant record of St Ives.” Pictured left to right are: St Ives Archive Heritage Manager, Janet Axten; designer Sarah-Leigh Wills and John Pollard. St Ives: The Art Colony and the Community is published by the St Ives Archive on behalf of the Memory Bay Project, is priced at £12.50 and available from the St Ives Archive in St Andrews Street. ISBN 978-0-9554398-2-7”

Book Launch

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