The Red-Headed Illustrator!

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The 5th of November was “National Love Your Red Hair Day” and in honour of that, we are celebrating our fave redhead – SARAH! (She didn’t ask me to say that!)

Things Have Changed a Little at Happydesigner

Over the past few months Sarah (Happydesigner) has been working hard on a fair few things. Not only has she been working on all the usual book illustrations (which you can keep up with here), she has been creating her own stories and working on lots of other projects – most of which are very secret at the moment! What we can say is that she is now a brand new employee of The Studio Pigs.

You may remember her Guinea Pigs, George, Bungle, Geoffrey and Freddie. Well, they have staged a coup of sorts. What was once “Happydesigner” is now owned by the Pigs! They offered her the right amount of carrot sticks and have bought her out! So now legally the Happydesigner name is owned by The Studio Pigs, a company those scamps set up to employ her. This means that when you receive invoices from Happydesigner they will come from The Studio Pigs, and you’ll notice that the website has a few changes in name too.

This doesn’t really affect you guys, and Sarah is still furiously nibbling Haribo and playing ‘80s music in her “spare” time, and she’s still at home drawing and painting. The only differences you’ll really see are changes on official documents and the website. It’s all linked to her progression as an artist and author, and she can’t wait to show you all what she’s been working on.


Who is Sarah?

childrens book illustrator sarah-leigh wills

“Hi, I’m Sarah! I have spent many years within the arts and media sector, primarily designing and teaching. Through this, I have a gained a huge amount of experience by working with clients and students worldwide. Many people ask me what I like about illustration and design. For me, it’s not work, it’s pleasure! If I could wake up and do the same job everyday, I would choose illustration!”

We’ve found some facts about Sarah so you can get to know her a little better:

  • I LOVE fruit! I should have been a Fruit Bat!
  • I LOVE to make lists! 
  • I LOVE the 60’s; I think I am re-incarnated!
  • I have very clicky joints. Not a good thing really!
  • My work-related idol is Roald Dahl.
  • My favourite movies are anything Sci-Fi/Thriller.
  • I LOVE vinyl records! We have THOUSANDS!
  • I am turning into a Haribo gummy bear!
  • I am only 5ft 1 (all good things come in small packages my dad tells me).
  • I am a keen British coin collector. I have thousands of the things!
  • I’ve recently taken up felting!
  • I’ve rescued some guinea pigs; you can meet them here.
  • I’m currently learning to play the bass guitar and banjo.
  • I play the drums: Congas/Bongos/electric…anything I can tap really!
  • I’m in a band called Manoeuvres – A tribute to OMD.
Children's book author sarah-leigh wills with Toyah Willcox

So there you have it! the newest employee of Studio Pigs, our very own Sarah, aka Happydesigner.

Some of our previous clients

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