UK Authors; the Greats of the World

Among the many splendid areas of the world, the United Kingdom has a way of producing some of the most fantastic children’s book authors. It must be something in the tea because the sheer amount of authors that are common household names is astonishing. We know their works, sometimes their names, but never anything about the past. Well, that is about to change.

Roald Dahl

Dahl has been a household name for years, and his work is only getting more popular. Characters created and illustrated by Dahl radiate an energy that will immerse readers instantly into the story. What makes them so magnetic? Dahl uses real life events as his inspiration for the stories and characters.

Quentin Blake

Blake is an award-winning author that is continuing to gain popularity as the years goon. Starting from a very young age, Blake was destined for great things. Many of his works have been published, however he has collaborated with many of the greats in the children’s illustration world. The sky is the limit, and the books produced are timeless treasures for all ages.

Mike Brogan

Operating under this pen name, his real name was Fred Baker. Thousands of families know his work and can appreciate the comics ranging from Action Man to even G.I. Joe. Needless to say, Brogan was known for his children comics. Baker was able to retire in the 1990’s and live out the rest of his days in troubled peace. Fred suffered from Alzheimer’s and closed the book because of a bout of pneumonia. Due to his untimely passing in 2008, the next generation will not be able to experience the joys of a new release or funny, witty comics.

Anne Fine

The United Kingdom has changed a political student into a highly awarded children’s author. This change of pace suited Fine excellently, her career as an artist has brought her many awards and global recognition. Starting from a not so humble life, Fine was highly educated and very in tune with her audience from a young age. From books like Madame Doubtfire to even How toWrite badly, her work has won more than 22 awards!

C.S Lewis

There is very little doubt that C.S. Lewis is one of the most widely known authors in the world due to the wildly popular “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” movie. With several other movies created that closely follow his books, he has been able to stay popular in the trends. Lewis was a well-versed man, growing up in a strict Christian lifestyle, his work is deeply rooted in the theologies.

J.K. Rowling

Being featured in every library, educational facilities, and most home bookshelves, Rowling is known for the Harry Potter series. While she expected the story to flourish, she never expected the wide fan base that she currently has. Millions of families read her books every week, and the presses still turn the pages out. What attracts so many people to her writing? Simple, her writing style draws readers in at the very beginning and sends them running to the store to pick up the next chapter.

While the world produces many authors who do their job well, the United Kingdom is the supercenter for the great names in publishing. Many flock to the Royal Academy to gain much-needed knowledge about writing processes and current trends. Does an author need to be highly educated, not at all. Being able to relate to the audience and give them an interesting, relatable story is what makes copies sell.

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