Planning, Teamwork, and Publish; Writing A Childrens Book


When it comes to writing a book, there are numerous challenges that are put in front of the author, the same can be said of the author of a children’s book. Authors are faced with a unique audience that cannot understand complex ideas, nor will they have the attention span to do so. Therefore planning out how to write a simple yet meaningful book is essential to becoming a best seller.

Take A Writing Class

You may think that you are a spectacular writer, and you may be, but having the extra knowledge will make the work in front of you less stressful. Even with a basic understanding of the plot, tone, and conveying a message, taking a class will give you access to professionals for feedback. At the beginning of any writing project, having feedback is always something to be thankful for.


Make It Meaningful

Just because you can relate to the story because you understand all the unimplied aspects of it, others may not. Being able to form a concrete message that can enrich the younger audience should be a goal for any children’s author. Having a meaningful message will also encourage parents to buy the book. If there is a message they feel their child would enjoy and could benefit from, they are more likely to buy.

Keep It Simple

You are an adult with much knowledge of the world; we understand you want to impress readers with this knowledge and give them valuable life tips. However, when writing a children book, it is better to keep it to one simple, easily summed up topic. Imagine you have to pitch your entire book within 30 seconds, can your current story line do that? If not, you may want to go back and see where too much of your worldly knowledge is messing up your focal point.


Picture, Picture!

The saying a picture speaks 1,000 words really holds true when it comes to a childrens book illustration. Children need to see a picture that is relatable, colorful, and most of all captures their imagination. Getting some outside, professional help can take a lot of the stress out of writing, and give you a product you can be proud of.


Get A Designer

Notice how the biggest names in the literatary world all have teams they work with? This is for good reason as these teams will help to plan, oragize, refine, and illustrate the work you create. Sometimes a designer will take you under their wing, other times you must actively seek them out, however they are worth the time and the effort.

No matter if you are just beginning your writing career, or if you have published several books, these tips will always ring true as they are the basics of writing a childrens book. Planning the theme is a vast subject to breach, write about what you are passionate about and teach others about it!

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