Autumn Reading From Happydesigner

What To Read This Autumn

We’ve been amazingly lucky recently to have had a whole host of recently completed books coming out for sale, so we thought it would only be fair to let you know what you should be reading this autumn, courtesy of Happydesigner!

Just Like Charlie

Written By Carl Ford

children's book illustrator

For those of you who have active kids, or wish your kids were more active, we have the charming Just Like Charlie. Charlie is very excited about his school’s sports day. Join Charlie as he learns how to walk like a bear, stand on one leg like a flamingo and waddle like a penguin! “Just Like Charlie” is a children’s book designed to get kids moving by giving children helpful tips about how to move, as well as encouraging them to try the exercises that Charlie is doing. Whilst the movements themselves aren’t too taxing, they will get kids up and exercising, and you can use them as a basis for fun games and ways to play. Can you walk like a bear, Just Like Charlie? Or stand on one leg, Just Like Charlie? Give it a go, get the kids involved and see if you can make your own Sports Day, Just Like Charlie!

Buy your copy of Just Like Charlie today! Just click on this link.

Dog Selfies

Written By Gary Hepple

childrens book illustrator

Dog Selfies is the story of what happens when a dog makes off with your phone! Written by Gary Hepple and illustrated by Happydesigner, Dog Selfies is a fun book for 2-6 year-olds that follows the story of a naughty pup who makes off with his owner’s phone and takes cheeky selfies of all of his friends. From Poodles eating noodles to Pugs painting mugs, Dog Selfies will get your child rhyming along and laughing aloud at the dogs and their silly antics! Read to your kids or try to get them to read along. The images will help to explain what’s going on and your child will have a ball reading this fun book.

Dog Selfies is now available from Amazon! Click on the image below or follow this link to buy.

Seal’s First BIG Adventure

Written By Helen Dee


Any family that has a cherished cuddly toy will appreciate the panic that Ricky and his family feel when they realise Seal has gone. This story of friendship and the importance of family, resulting in a little boy’s faith being rewarded, will warm every child’s heart and probably make a few parents a bit teary-eyed too!

Available now! Click on this link to buy.



Sadie the Spider

Written By Julia Geens

childrens book illustrations

Sadie the Spider is a lovely story of acceptance and of not being afraid. The old saying of, “they’re smaller than you, they’re more scared of you than you are of them!” which parents have uttered throughout the years, holds true when little Sadie is just trying to find somewhere to live. Sadie the Spider will make your child think again about being scared of spiders, and perhaps even start questioning how they can make spiders and wildlife feel welcome in your home and garden. Have a look at our wildlife blog for more inspiration.

Available now! Click on this link to buy!


So there you have it, all of the recent additions to the Happydesigner family which are now out to buy and enjoy over the summer holidays or throughout the new autumn term!

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