“Just Like Charlie” Is Out Now To Buy!

Just Like Charlie

children's book illustrator

Charlie is excited: it’s Sports Day at school! Join Charlie as he learns how to walk like a bear, stand on one leg like a flamingo and waddle like a penguin!

“Just Like Charlie” is a children’s book designed to get kids moving by giving children helpful tips about how to move, as well as encouraging them to try the exercises that Charlie is doing. Whilst the movements themselves aren’t too taxing, they will get kids up and exercising, and you can use them as a basis for fun games and ways to play. Most excitingly is that “Just Like Charlie” is now available to everyone! Click on the link below to buy a copy for you and the children in your life and see if you can play along with Sports Day, “Just Like Charlie”!

Can you walk like a bear, Just Like Charlie? Or stand on one leg, Just Like Charlie? Give it a go, get the kids involved and see if you can make your own Sports Day, Just Like Charlie!


Pick up a copy of “Just Like Charlie” here!

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