Gillie Can Share Launch

Gillie Can Share Launch!

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Gillie Can Series

“Gillie Can Share” is the start of a series of books that gently teach children the basics of being nice to others, sharing their things and being considerate of others. Gillie doesn’t think about “can’t”, Gillie does! The books are a lovely way of teaching children to have confidence in what they do. The rest of the series so far includes Gillie learning to count, learning to play, learning to make and learning to help. Join Gillie, and Sarah, as she learns to do all sorts of things! The “Gillie Can” series is suitable for ages 0-5 years, and can form a great basis for all kinds of learning.

“Gillie Can Share” is the first in a series of books that Sarah (Happydesigner) is releasing. Created, written and illustrated in-house by Sarah, the books follow a little rabbit called Gillie, who loves to learn, share, play and create. These books are perfect for children picking up books for the first time, and your kids will love the bright colours, easy to read language and friendships that Gillie has.

Books in the series…

childrens-book-illustratorGillie Can Share

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-911167-02-0

Price: £6.99

Gillie is baking her favourite thing, cookies! Gillie loves to share, and she likes to share her cookies with her family and friends. Who will get one of Gillie’s cookies?


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