Write YOUR Story!

Write Your Own Story Today!

Today is “National Write Your Story Day”, where you are invited, nay, challenged! To tell your story in written form. Here at Happydesigner we obviously encourage our writers to keep writing, and love hearing from new writers that want our help. However, some people may never have even tried to write a story. That doesn’t mean today excludes you!children's illustrator

Today of all days, you can put pen to paper (or finger to keypad) to tell a story, any story, as long as it’s yours. Just as Sarah (Happydesigner) did with her now-published story, “Gillie Can Share“, you too can write a story that may well end up being made into a book. If you want to find out more about getting your story illustrated, look no further than this page.     children's illustrator

You may think that you have no story to tell, but it will surprise you once you get going. Use a random word generator (easily found online) or re-tell a story you love, even it’s already been written. How about your favourite anecdote, or a day from your favourite holiday? Something people don’t appreciate is actually how interesting their lives can be to others. You may think your job is dull but someone else might find it fascinating!

Words have a way of triggering memories.They form a moment in time, and before you know it, there’s a story flowing from your fingertips. Even if you never share your tale, it can be an essence of who you are and where you’ve been.

How To Write?

Trips down memory lane, or recreating the moment when a spark of inspiration occurred, are more intriguing than you know. Today, they fill blogs, inspire novels and entire television series. More importantly, they are treasures to family and loved ones. You could tell the story of the first few days of your child’s life, or about the day you picked up your puppy. You don’t need to worry if the story seems rubbish or boring, that’s what editing is for! Remember, just because it’s been written doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. There are often more stories in the crossings-out and the margins of texts than in the story. Your story could involve people you know, or famous people you admire.

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Don’t worry if you throw away lots of words before you find the right ones

It could involve a place you know well, or a planet you invent. You are quite literally in charge of everything that happens, and everything goes! If it sounds rubbish, keep going. Barbara Kingsolver, author of the incredible book, “The Poisonwood Bible” (if you haven’t read it you must!) said it took her ten years to finish TPB, and she had written hundreds of thousands of words before she had even got to the actual story. Sometimes you have to write around the story before the story comes, but that’s ok! It doesn’t need to take you ten years, a story is ready when you think it’s ready.

Your own writing can be a little like your own singing voice; it can make you cringe! But other people don’t know you and so won’t judge anything based on who you are. They’re here for a good story! If you need a little inspiration for a children’s story have a look at our gallery pages, and see what kind of stories people are writing today.

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National Write Your Story Day encourages us to start telling our personal story today. There’s a story worth recounting in there somewhere!

How To Celebrate the Day!

Commit to writing your story (not as scary as it sounds!); grab a pen and paper, or your favourite writing device, and begin to write. We all have a story to tell. Use #WriteYourStoryDay to share on social media, and check out what everyone else is up to! children's illustrator

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