The Isabella Series Is Released!

Here at Happydesigner HQ we love showing our authors some love, and supporting them once their books have been released is just a part of the process of proofreading, illustrating and creating books! So we’re always thrilled when a book makes it all the way through from the initial writing right through to release.

The “Isabella” book series was created by Kate Mahoney-Veitch, and features Isabella and her soft toy friends. Whether it’s holding a picnic under a magic umbrella, walking in the woods or reading books in the library, Isabella can always make it magical! The “Isabella” series is now available to buy on Amazon.

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Isabella is a little girl with a big imagination! Her friends are her soft toys, who join her on her adventures. Whether it be rowing on boats, sitting under magical umbrellas, going to gymnastics or just exploring the woods, Isabella will always find a way to make it magical!

The “Isabella” stories are perfect for children who are getting to grips with reading to themselves, and having stories read to them. They can engage with the illustrations and play along with Isabella and her friends. They may even inspire young imaginations to look around them when they are out on walks or days out. Will Isabella help you to find magic on your trips to the beach, or to dance class, or even at school?

Buy the Isabella series now!

Story illustrated by Happydesigner and edited by The Red Pen.

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