Hooray, hooray, it’s World Book Day!

It’s basically a Christmas for authors!

This World Book Day is a very special one for me. Much like a child’s first birthday, or a special wedding anniversary, World Book Day is a chance for me to reflect on what I’ve achieved so far, and how far I’ve come. Also, how far I can go from here on!

Gillie Can Series

The first thing for me to feel really proud about is the publication of the first of my Gillie Can books. For a long time I’ve wanted to create my own stories, and I’ve always got ideas spinning around in my head. There’s always a character I’m developing, or a storyline I want to create. So when I finally got the chance to dedicate my time to my own series I was over the moon! Then the real icing on the cake was introducing Toyah Willcox to my stories and her agreeing to voice the advert AND the audiobooks! I’m definitely super proud of the Gillie book(s) and I can’t wait to get the rest of them illustrated and published.

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

omd children's book

Anyone that knows me at all, has met me once, or has maybe just heard of me, will know my love of ’80s electronic music. My husband and I have our own OMD tribute act, Manoeuvres, and my love of the band compelled me to write about them. Little did I realise where this would lead! I’ve now become on friendly terms with the band, to the point where they are now selling my book on their website! It’s currently available to pre-order and I am so, so proud!

I absolutely love illustrating books for other people, and I’m so grateful to the authors who trust me with their own stories, which you can look at here on my gallery. But honestly, the thrill of seeing your own books in print is like nothing else. I’ve always treated my authors and their work with the utmost respect, because I totally understand that their books are their babies, but since being that author (!) myself, I can see even more how important it is to make sure my authors are happy.

To this end, I’ve added a whole new package to my current Happydesigner roster. The “Gift Package” idea is explained fully here, but essentially it’s for authors who don’t want to sign up for massive print runs, or need only a few copies for family, friends or potential publishers/agents. The fixed package includes a 32 page book, two hard copies of your book and one signed, mounted artwork, although you can tailor the package to your needs to a certain extent.

So there it is, my World Book Day! I am spending it illustrating, of course! Possibly dressed in a costume (let’s face it, that’s me most days anyway!) and thinking, dreaming and creating new ideas that I can turn into books. My creative cogs are whirring and I am excited to see where these books, and future creations, will take me. But thanks for coming along for the ride!

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