Visiting Norman Gorman’s

Happydesigner at Norman Gorman’s

Norman Gormans Guinea Pig Sanctuary

Sarah went to visit our favourite Guinea Pig Sanctuary, Norman Gorman’s! Not very surprisingly she had a GREAT day. The lovely people at Norman Gorman’s put Sarah onto all kinds of tasks, and she spent the day cleaning out the cages, grooming all the residents, making sure everyone got a cuddle and, in her own words, “Just had a full day of Guinea Pigs”! It was brill.”

Sarah also got told that the Sanctuary is running a Christmas gift list via Amazon. You can have a look here, and if there’s any way you can contribute then we know it would mean the world to them. They are bombarded with people getting rid of animals before winter, and the Sanctuary really does need support. If you’re still not sure, check out this picture of Sarah cuddling one of the pigs!

children's illustration

Sarah also got to meet Geoffrey, aka the final member of the Rainbow Gang! You’ve met Bungle, Zippy and George, and it’s now time to meet Geoffrey! Geoffrey is now sponsored by Happydesigner and will be a resident at the Sanctuary! It does mean that you can now visit one of the Rainbow Crew if you visit Norman’s, which is great for you guys. We like to make sure there’s enough awesome to go around!

children's illustration

children's illustration

Sarah is thrilled to be able to sponsor one of the Sanctuary Guinea Pigs, and the “Rainbow Crew” are even more pleased. It’s so important, this time of year more than ever, to be able to support your local animal sanctuary.

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