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A Round-Up of Our Latest Releases!

So it turns out that October and November are busy times in the world of publishing! With authors desperately trying to release their books in time for Christmas, the paint brushes have been flying here at the Happydesigner studios. But what have we been working on, I hear you cry? Allow us to show you!

Annie’s Grannies

Cooking Calamity

Written By Darron Jon Love

children's illustration

Annie is a normal 10 year old girl. Her parents often go away to do boring work things, which means she gets to spend lots of time with her hopeless grannies. handprintThey’re always up to something and it never quite goes the way it’s supposed to. annies granniesThe most simple of things become complicated in their hands and the consequences are hilarious. Today they’re painting and decorating…

…what could possibly go wrong!

children's illustration

Annie’s Grannies is all about Annie, who often has to spend days being looked after by her Grannies. They seem to get into all kinds of mishaps! Whether it’s painting a door shut, starting fires by accident or pouring eggs and flour all of themselves, the Grannies seem unable to do anything without something going wrong! Thankfully Annie is there to help out, and she always learns a valuable life lesson along the way. These colourfully illustrated books are great fun, with rhyming stories and plots that keep everyone laughing.


children's illustration

You can get your hands on this wonderful book here:


Victoria Mouse Series

Victoria Mouse Visit’s Shakespeare’s Globe

Written by Tanya Page

childrens book illustrator

Victoria Mouse loves nothing more than going on an adventure, and quite often she helps others along the way! Whether it’s changing the time in London by visiting Big Ben, helping cats to find homes or finding a way to make sure a guard horse can meet the Queen, Victoria manages to make someone’s day and always has fun along the way! Of course, once she has had her day out she’s always ready for a cup of tea and a big bit of cheese.

childrens book illustrator

Follow Victoria Mouse as she adventures all over London, getting under feet and into scrapes! Because she’s so small she can fit into all kinds of unexpected places, and can see London in a way that us humans aren’t able to. Your kids will love these exciting stories, colourful illustrations full of detail, and the charming and smart Victoria, who is as kind as she is fun!

Tanchildrens book illustratorya writes children’s books & is the author of the ‘Victoria Mouse’ and ‘Chilli & Pickles’ stories. The Globe theatre has already sold out of “Victoria Mouse visits Shakespeare’s Globe” and has ordered another set to sell in their shop!

Head to Tanya’s website to buy any of her books, including the Victoria Mouse series.


Birdham Bear

Birdham Bear’s First Christmas

Written by Lynne Healy

Birdham Bear is a very special teddy bear. He has just been knitted and is now in a hurry to discover the world!children's illustration

childrens book illustrator

Join him on his first adventure – a trip across the field beyond the garden to visit the oak tree. Meet his new friends Mr Fox and Quercus the oak fairy, and discover the wonder of nature and the fairy realm. As Birdham discovers his unique gift for the world, children will be inspired to think about theirs.

Birdham Bear’s First Christmas is a simply lovely tale of a little bear who wants to make sure everyone gets to enjoy Christmas. He even makes sure Douglas, the Christmas Fir, is happy, and especially looks after his Fox friends. Douglas has another secret too, and through that Birdham Bear learns a lot about what Christmas can mean to everyone. Does he stay awake long enough to meet Father Christmas? You’ll have to read it to find out! The perfect Christmas bedtime story, Birdham Bear’s First Christmas will go down with little (and big!) kids alike.

Birdham Bear has his very own website, where you can buy all kinds of Birdham Bear goodies, as well as books! Have a look here.

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These are a few of the latest releases from the Happydesigner painting rooms, but there are loads more to come! We’re especially excited about Sarah’s new books, the Gillie Can series. Keep an eye here and our social media for more information about those!

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